Janet Kraus

Janet is a local Jefferson County artist.  Her medium of choice is watercolor although she has done Oil Paintings and Pastels.  After years of working as an accountant, upon her retirement she started attending classes at Jefferson College in Hillsboro studying under Jo Rezny McCredie.The peope she met in her classes are still friends today.  Through Jo McCredie she was introduced to Claire Condon who made her home in Ste. Genevieve and was a big promoter of the town.  She joined the Ste. Genevieve Art Guild and over the years was well received by the town, doing private commissions which have been used in locally written and produced books.  In 1999 when a group of Jefferson County artists formed their own art guild she immediately became involved with that group.  In 2000 the Art Guild voted her the "Artist of the Year".  She has held many posts with the art guild.  Her painting "Italian Wine is Fine" was awarded the Best In Show at the Jefferson County Art Guild's 2007 Art Show.  Plein Air painting, the production of art on site capturing the way natural light affects  the atmosphere, is her favorite form of expression.  She loves to paint on site letting the surrounding sights, sounds and smells of the area show through to her finished product.  She loves the way watercolor has a special glow and how "happy accidents" only make her love it more.  Besides membership in the Jefferson County Art Guild, she is a member of the St. Louis Watercolor Society.  She maintains signature status with that group.  Her e-mail is jkrauscartist@charter.net