Jim True

The best of Art will always bring out some inner pang to understand it.  It is not the history or the value that is felt deep within the soul but simple hyacinth.  The poet tells us "To have breathed in the fragrance of a hyacinth, engendering waves of memories flooding in when you are unexpectedly given a little bud", that it can take your breath away."  Art does that to the soul.  The process of Art has alwasy intrigued me.  The paper or canvas selection, the color base and hue, the interaction of the elements, all have played their passionate game and breathed down into my soul their paroxysms.  Listening to Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company, brings forth hyacinth that enboldens the stroke.  Enlightening once and always that first moment that paint hit brush that finger pressed passionately the shutter release.  What majestic light is inhaled and comes forth on that plane.  It is the journey and not the finish the determines the end.  The finish can be anywhere, but the end is when the process is complete.  Some journeys never finish, some are done before they start, only the process can tell you when you're there.  The Art is what it is, it is the creative instinct expressed, it is that inspired journey ended, and it moves the soul.  Oh glorious color, wonderful tone, and you hue and contrast, play on the canvas that I call my heart.  Make me to fall in liove with you afresh each time I grasp that stick to mark our love, to press that infinite button to capture God's light forever.  jim@jimtruephotography.com   http://jimtruephotography.com