Ashley Daegling

Ashley Dasgling - mother of two and a middle school teacher of fine arts and lifelong artist - started pursuing her passion at Desoto High School under the tutelage of Jaunita Wymann and Jane Cable.  They fostered a love for all things art which made a path for Ashley to get heavily involved in art classes at Jefferson Community College under Blake Carroll.  Finishing her degree at South East Missouri State University she graduated with a BS in art education.  She has been running the Desoto Jr High program for 17 years and counting, working with 12, 13, and 14-year-olds to hopefully inspire a love of lifelong art-making in them.  Ashley dabbles in a little bit of everything but feels like watercolor, acrylic painting, and colored pencil drawings are her strong suit.  Her goal is to get back to making art consistently to build up a body of work to take to shows and sell.