Brian Propst

My path in art is constantly changing.  My main area of endeavor is watercolor, but I began my persuit of art in the field of Lapidary.  I found Lapidary a way of relaxing and thinking while producing a miniature piece of art.  After I created my cabochons of stone I would set them into metal 'findings' which would change my simple stones into wearable jewelry.  Later I wanted to create the 'findings' themselves so when I completed my time in the military service I enrolled in college in the field of metalsmithing.  In college, I was required to take additional artwork fields and in one of those classes I was introduced to watercolors.  It was instant love of that field of study.  I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts in metalsmithing from SIUE but my minor was watercolor.  My work has appeared in many shows and some of my work is on display in the Science and Fine Arts Building on the SIUE campus.  Today I am best known for my watercolor paintings, metalsmithing, and jewelry.


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