Marti Idlet

In 1975 I began oil painting as a hobby.  After several years of painting and accumulating a large collection of paintings, I searched for an innovative way to display my art.  In 2003 this led to the creation of an internet based business, Dishwasher Art.  Kitchen themed art designs were tranferred to magnetic panels for display on dishwasher doors.  These dishwasher panels can be found displayed in kitchens in every state in the US and 7 other countries.  My paintings have won awards at the South County Art Assoc and Jefferson County Art Guild art shows and at the Jefferson County Fair.  My medium of choice is oil but I also enjoy watercolor and mixed media.  I also do volunteer oil painting instruction to a group of seniors in Hillsboro, and at Autumn Ridge in Herculaneum.  I love sharing my enthusiasm for painting with anyone who will listen.



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